For Medicare patients


Federal budget problems and low reimbursement have made it difficult for excellent internists to do their best work. Seniors who have worked hard and saved can and should be able to take advantage of their Medicare and have an internist whose phone is answered by first rate staff. They should be able to see their doctor today, on-time and unhurried. Care should be thoughtful, service should be good.


We are able to do our best work and still keep patient costs low by "private contracting" with Medicare patients. Congress enacted law to provide this choice. (Click here to view 1 page Private Contract.)


We care for many Medicare patients and it is gratifying to be able to take the time needed to try to do my best. All other referrals I make and tests and treatments ordered outside the office are covered by Medicare, the same as when you do not choose to contract. The Medicare program does not however, allow you to file for reimbursement of the fees you pay Dr. Sloan.